Win a green roof!

We need on average 7 trees per person to provide for our own oxygen. Although 400.000 trees in Amsterdam may seem like a lot, with a population of more than 800.000, you can do the math, we don’t have enough trees to supply our own oxygen. Luckily plants can help us in this process! But in order to do that, we are in need of the right plants, one that respects our important ecosystem and all its helpers. With the introduction of the pesticide Round Up from Monsanto and their manipulated GMO plants we have lost 75% of the total Dutch insect population. The impact of their products have been disastrous to our environment. That’s why #theconsciouschallenge of this week is about giving back to nature!

Win A Green Roof!

Green Art Solutions has created a floating roof that doesn’t affect the construction weight of your building. Their work has been revolutionary over the past 30 years with out of the box solutions and implementations, always thinking 10 steps ahead in great respect for nature. Many roofs use Sedum plants, yet there are many more solutions that contribute to a better biodiversity, which is important for the ecosystem to survive! You can now win this amazing green roof and learn how it contributes to:

  • The natural cooling of your building
    (which is needed as the city of Amsterdam is 2°C too warm)

  • Purifying air
    (9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe in polluted air)

  • Delayed drainage of rainwater
    (we all see the flooding streets increase with every rainfall)

  • Improving biodiversity, providing a habitat for native plants, invertebrates, birds and other animals.
    (75% of our Dutch insect population has died)

How To Win?

  • Buy 2 organic plants for your balcony, roof terrace, or garden

  • Make 2 pictures, 1 of your bought plants with the organic label and 1 of how you potted it!

  • Like The Conscious Club on Facebook and Instagram

  • Post them on your social media, in your posts and your stories.

  • Tag The Conscious Club and use the hashtag #theconsciouschallenge

  • We will share your posts on our social media channels so more people will be inspired to contribute to this change!

  • Winner will be announced on Sunday the 5th of May at 8 PM CET+1 on our Social Media Channels


Great news! When you buy your organic plants at you will get one plant for free!

Use the word "conscious" in your shopping cart and they'll fix the rest! Join our shared mission for a more green and sustainable planet and get your organic plants now!


Tips for insect friendly organic plants:


We have made a video animation for each topic, informing and connecting you in an easy way about the most important facts! Feel free to share this on your social media channels!

Oxygen, is the most abundant chemical element on Earth. However, due to climate change and man-made activities problems are arising. Tropical rainforests produce 40% of the Earth’s oxygen even though they cover only 7% of our land. It is estimated that trees in tropical rainforests lower the planet’s temperature around  -15 degrees Celsius. In just 40 years we have lost half of all our rainforests, the equivalent of Europe. And we are losing 27 soccer fields of rainforest every minute.

The main cause of deforestation are due to agriculture (80%), logging (14%), firewood (5) and other purposes (1%). The rest of the oxygen you breath (60%) comes from marine photosynthesizers. Our climate change is causing large-scale ocean deoxygenation, as warmer waters hold less oxygen.

9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe in polluted air. Many hazardous pollutants such as, carbon oxides, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Lead can be found in the air we breath. This bad outdoor air caused an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths in 2016.

The scale of the problems we are faced with calls for urgent attention. There is still hope in reversing the damage already made but action needs to be taken now!


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how do we contribute to oxygen at the conscious club?

Check out this interview to hear more about The Conscious Club’s policy about oxygen.


Spread consciousness

As each topic has its own video animation and interview, it also has its own fact sheet handouts. An easy way to catch up on all the important details! They will be available at The Conscious Club, feel free to take some home and share them with your friends!



  1. Climate change // starts April 22 - 2019

  2. Oxygen April // starts April 29 - 2019

  3. Plastic // starts May 6 - 2019

  4. Water // starts May 13 - 2019

  5. Food // starts May 20 - 2019

  6. Transportation // starts May 27 - 2019

  7. Clothing // starts June 3 - 2019

  8. Agriculture // starts June 10 - 2019

  9. Energy // starts June 17 - 2019

  10. Extinction // starts June 24 - 2019