Greenhouse gas emissions from transport are a key contributor to the global climate crisis and air pollution. Over the past three decades, emissions from transport have risen faster than any other sector and are projected to rise more rapidly in the future. Globally, transport accounted for one quarter of the total emissions in 2016, 71% higher than what was seen in 1990.

Transport is responsible for nearly 30% of the EU's total CO2 emissions, of which 72% comes from road transportation. Even though cars, heavy duty vehicles and airplanes are a big contributor to green house emissions, the largest contribution come from freight carrying ships. Over a year just one ship can emit as much sulfur as 50 million cars.

Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous environmental threat caused by transportation. All of these toxic air pollutants are closely related to cancers, cardiovascular-, respiratory and neurological diseases.

By bringing awareness to these issues, we can make better choices in our daily lives.

#theconsciouschallenge of this week is about sharing your favorite walk outside!

Win a free ticket to the tree wisdom in the city walk!

Jeroen Heindijk worked with a tree shaman, Dusty Miller the 13th for 18 years taking many trips through ancient forests. He learned about the unity in nature, the connection between trees and how they communicate.

The unique story about Dusty Miller, are the dryades, the tree spirits who have an enormous wisdom for those who are open to it. Many people have lost their natural connection with nature, Jeroen Heindijk wants to restore that ancient connection by reconnecting people through the wisdom of trees.

Jeroen will take you outside, while you go inside. We will walk from The Conscious Club to the Vondelpark, where you will get to know various trees and find your natural access point to restore that connection. The question is, what is this connection? How do you connect? Does the quality or the age of the tree play a role? What tree works best for you? Can you work with different trees? Is there work to do in this city to let nature find and share her authentic power?

Questions we will try to answer during this walk in the park.

We have 3 tickets to give away! Check out the event here.

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While it may seem obvious that a good hike through a forest or up a mountain can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, science is now discovering that hiking can actually change your brain… for the better!



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As each topic has its own video animation and interview, it also has its own fact sheet handouts. An easy way to catch up on all the important details! They will be available at The Conscious Club, feel free to take some home and share them with your friends!



  1. Climate change // starts April 22 - 2019

  2. Oxygen April // starts April 29 - 2019

  3. Plastic // starts May 6 - 2019

  4. Water // starts May 13 - 2019

  5. Food // starts May 20 - 2019

  6. Transportation // starts May 27 - 2019

  7. Clothing // starts June 3 - 2019

  8. Agriculture // starts June 10 - 2019

  9. Energy // starts June 17 - 2019

  10. Extinction // starts June 24 - 2019