Go vegan this week!

Today, 1 billion people suffer from starvation and undernourishment yet 1,6 billion people are overeating and suffering from obesity.

Stop and think about that for a second.

It doesn't just end here, more than 80% of all genetically modified crops grown worldwide have been engineered for herbicide tolerance.

As a result, the toxic herbicide Roundup is not only causing us cancer, and polluting our soil and water, it's also responsible for an alarming decrease in our bee-, insect- and bird population. With the loss of our bees, 90 different foods we enjoy today may not exist in the future.

Agriculture causes 80% of tropical deforestation, cattle ranching and large-scale agriculture are major drivers of deforestation. What’s more around the world, forests are giving way to plantations such as oil palm, soy, rubber, coffee, tea, and rice among many other crops.

One of the greatest causes of biodiversity loss and therefore extinction is the conversion of forest and woodland into grazing for cattle. A kilogram of beef is about 30-times more demanding on the environment than a kilogram of plant protein. A plant based diet could reduce your carbon footprint by 50%

Agriculture accounts for 70% of total water consumption worldwide and is the single-largest contributor of pollution to surface water and groundwater.

The over-consumption of our species with the lack of respect for our nature is putting all of us at risk. If ever a change was needed, today would be a good day.

#theconsciouschallenge of this week is about going vegan!

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As each topic has its own video animation and interview, it also has its own fact sheet handouts. An easy way to catch up on all the important details! They will be available at The Conscious Club, feel free to take some home and share them with your friends!



  1. Climate change // starts April 22 - 2019

  2. Oxygen April // starts April 29 - 2019

  3. Plastic // starts May 6 - 2019

  4. Water // starts May 13 - 2019

  5. Food // starts May 20 - 2019

  6. Transportation // starts May 27 - 2019

  7. Clothing // starts June 3 - 2019

  8. Agriculture // starts June 10 - 2019

  9. Energy // starts June 17 - 2019

  10. Extinction // starts June 24 - 2019